Issue Two Big Government...

Rest of Issue 2 will be posted shortly. Apologies to readers we are still transferring material from our old site.

In this issue...

Main Features

In an Ideal World... by Peace Activist , Writer and General Inspiration Milan Rai

Milan Rai is co-editor of Peace News, the radical London-based monthly; his anarchist ideals have been shaped by 25 years of activism and writing (Chomsky's Politics; War Plan Iraq; Regime Unchanged; 7/7: The London Bombings, Islam and the Iraq War).

Blast Theory: Eamon and Ulrike Compliant at the Venice Biannale

Brighton based art collective Blast Theory are at the 53rd Venice Biennale and they'd better make sure they didn't forget to pack their 20 pairs of sunglasses, 20 mobile phones or flat-packed interrogation unit!

Stalked in the City

As Rose Mouton makes her way through London she counts how many times her movements are being tracked 'I couldn't help but wonder what is all this surveillance for anyway? Why should big brother care what little old me is doing with my 24/7?'

Zine Legend and Poet Lauriate in waiting Stephen Micalef chucks us some prose

Other News

The All Seeing Eye: Made in China

We discuss Naomi Klien's article about the 'golden sheild' in Shizan, 'the crack-cocaine'of Capitalism and how it's making private companies very rich..


Subway Gallery - Putting the 'edge' into Edgware Road

"It's a social experiment, really" says Canadian Subway Gallery owner and artist Robert Gordon Mcharg III, referring to his little and luminous art gallery situated in an underground kiosk in Edgware Road.


We meet Guitar - Rave Hackney Celebs - The Coolness!!