Issue Six Pathogenisis of...

The Pathogenesis of Runaway Greed - We move away from politics and turn to psychology..

Cover Illustration by Julie Kaye

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Main Features

War on Want Special Report: The Great Tax Dodge: Fighting Back against Corporate Greed

Anti poverty NGO War on Want report...

The Insanely Rich List

La Bouche compiles it's 2011 (mini) Insanely Rich List

The Pathogenesis of Corporate Runaway Greed

could we, La Bouche Zine, upon exploring the pathogenesis of such a phenomenon ripping our world to pieces be on the brink of confirming what we knew all along? That our planet is being run by a utter nutters? We step away from politics and turn t


In an ideal world... by Noam Chomsky, John Cooper Clarke, Sicknote, Shazia Mirza and more...

As it is our two year anniversary on April 1st, we decided to mark it by putting together a collection of our favorite 'In an Ideal World' quotes from back issues, as well as some new....

Has Spring Really Sprung in the Arab World?

Starbux has been amazed by the suddenness and speed with which the recent spate of uprisings and full-blown revolutions has swept through North Africa and the Middle East. At London demonstrations in support of the Libyan uprising...


"Sir Bob n the YouBloom judges are a pipe and slippers combo preparing for retirement" by Quilla Constance

Oxford Graduate turned Stripper turned Artist turned Pop Star Quilla Constance speaks candidly about her YouBloom Music Awards experience at The Cobden ClubÃÂÂÂÂ

Review: Proto Bla, Sound and Video collaboration by Natalie Sanders and Matthew Johnstone

Review: Proto Bla, Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick. We were delighted to be invited to independent ware-gallery Elevator for a private private view held speshly for La Bouche of quirky sound-video collaboration PROTO BLA...

We're artists not fat cat bank boardroomers!

A collaborative rant by our cultural critic Heston Rufus Gollightly and Alex Chappel from Decima Gallery.


Deathe Before Employment: Exclusive Sicknote Interview

Not much really makes us leave London, but when we got our interview with Welsh punk-rave lot Sicknote, we went about blagging a lift to Swansea to see them get their techno freak on…


Kate 'n' Bill's Nuptial Blessing by Stephen Micalef

by punk poet, sniffin' glue legend and future king Stephen Micalef