Issue Nine


In this issue...


Good sex, bad sex

La Bouche opines on the most intimate of activities.

Main Features

Human rights chat with Peter Tatchell

La Bouche talks queer identity, politics and human rights with the legendary human rights campaigner.

An Ace discussion

La Bouche gets Platonic with our Ace friend Brigid

Someone you know: the Rapist

A survivor of sexual violence talks about misconceptions and the way forward

Bikesmut Pornstar chitchat!

La Bouche and Poppy Cox talk porn and bicycles

Other News


Our resident conspiracy theorist exposes the darkest side of human sexuality.

Quilla's Constant catch-up

The one and only Quilla Constance pops by for a super quick update on her next performance


Vatican Scandals

Mandy, Gerrit and a new friend talk to La Bouche about gender and Vatican Sex scandals

Best of the Biennale: Who's yer daddio?

La Bouche caught up with Sarah Lucas at the Venice Biennale, where she'd got some Casanova-type mannequins n put them fags in naughty places.


Kinky queer feminist artist Sopie Crow's work illustrates the realities of female masturbation


Noise up your skirt

Continuing our Taiwan theme, La Bouche catches up with Taipei-based noise artist Betty Apple


La Bouche 'links up' with Guava Beats for one special musical extravaganza


On the River Jordan

Jacob Delin shares a homoerotic homage to the allure of the forbidden fruit across the border.

The Whore

House Bard Niall McDevitt takes us whorishly to the faultlines of the English Civil War, with this historically educational little number


La Bouche editor Alex Hadjidakis takes a stroll


A very queer Nazi Faust

John Faust delves deep in this raunch-filled homotastic extract


We asked for an erotic antidote to 50 Shades and we got it. Check out 'Rita Lynn's' tale. She invites your comments and commissions!