Issue Four Who ya gunna call..?


Illustration by Samantha Jenkins

In this issue...

Main Features

Cop-enhagen climate summit disgrace

COP15 - police put climate activists in cages as private companies and governments stall on saving life on earth.

The Greater Powers that Bee

"It's a Conspiracy!" says our crazy columnist. Are higher powers exterminating the honey bee in a ploy to exterminate humanity. Why yes, says our quirky colleague..

War on Want report on Stopping Supermarket Power

A diverse ranger of groups, from workers' rights organisations to food and diversity campaigners and Palestine activists have all found a common enemy in Supermarkets. War on Want reports...

Other News

Getting away with it

Our Middle Eastern commentator Sta*Bucks has her say on the Chilcott 'Enquiry'

Media Activist: The Revolution Will Be Televised (But Heavily Edited)


"In an ideal world..." by Shazia Mirza

Award winning comedian, New Statesman columnist and BBC 3's "F**k off, I'm a hairy woman' presenter Shazia Mirza tells us about her ideal world... we did giggle..


Lego-maniacs - one of the final Little Artists interviews.

The Little Artists, famed for recreating the art world as a toy town, are being killed off by their creators! We talk to John Cake and Darren Neave about exploring the art world in a fun fashion n why they told Saatchi to leave their lego alone..

Quilla Constance tells us about this Art Pop she's got goin on

Jason Gibilaro's " Iceland" at Subway Gallery

Jason Gibilaro's talks to us about his UK exhibition, Iceland, running at the Subway Gallery from February 03-27th which takes as its focal point on the great Icelandic financial meltdown and subsequent riots


Viv Albertine from The Slits talks to us

'I like to think of the 70s like there are all these weeds growing out of the pavement and we were the weeds!'

Midge Ure talks to La Bouche about the 70s and hopes for this decade

La Bouche/Decima 'Christmas is rubbish' gig

pics with Deuce Angoisse, Nova and the Decima Nativity Play!

Interview with Punk Step Pioneers Nova

Punk Step Pioneers Nova give us some tips on how to save the world and make your own music video..