Issue five Corp Hop

Corp Hop - where Hip Hop went wrong.

cover illustration by Julie Kaye

In this issue...

Main Features

Corp Hop - Processing revolution into devolution

What better way to quash a revolution than commercialise it? La Bouche looks into the corporate hijacking of hip hop and the ugly social messages that have come with it.


Emily Moon despairs at the tired clichesof women in mainstream Hip Hop and talks to Angela Martinez, kultural activist, educator and emcee, half of the Filipina hip-hop duo 1st Quarter Storm and finalist in the 2007 and 2008 Seattle Poetry Slams

It's a Conspiracy! Anthems of the Occult

What would La Bouche be without our nutty conspiracy theorist to take our theme to galactic levels? This issue she takes us to planet 'The higher powers are brainwashing rappers with the occult'. Is she seriously lost in space or just bravely going w

Interview: 'No No No' Reggae Queen Dawn Penn lifts the lid on the music game

Other News

War on Want report: Operation Enduring Profits

The last decade has seen a global boom for private armies who are making a killing working for governments and corporations in war zones around the world. But what are the implications of outsourcing the military? And is this the first step towards t

Global Newsbites - Brighton - Romania - France

Global reporting - Smash Edo victory - France bans the veil - The controversial Transyvanian goldmine


'In an Ideal World' by War on Want

This issue Ruth Tanner, Director of Campaigns from the amazing War on Want (La Bouche contributers) gives us a positive vision to aspire to.

'Hip hop is a positive culture... Don't believe the hype. Believe the truth.' MK, Invizible Circle Education

Our Media Activist talks to grass roots, community 'edutainment' org 'Invizible Circle Education', about the positivities of hip hop culture and why it has gotten a bad name for itself.


Lord 'Art Bitch' Gollightly takes a swipe at 'secret' stencillist and 'media darling' Banksy.

Church of Fear: A Bold Gothic Suprise at 54th Venice Biennale

The international participations at the 54th Venice Biennale were as strikingly unusual as they were diverse. A real car crash (minus casualties) was plonked in the Hungarian Pavilion alongside a bizarre accompanying opera, whilst in the Great Britai

'Sticker superstar' Mr Wim talks to us

Mr Wim, dubbed the 'Godfather of the sticker movement and street art' tells us about his playful, Flemish-tribal art and of course, those stickers!

INTERVIEW: James Jessop

We chat to the train tagger and fine artist James Jessop about his vibrant new york subway art inspired oil paintings..

Wickeda Wickeda! Hackney Wicked Art Festival III

Come and buy your La Bouches and do the annual ware-gallery-cave crawl at the 3rd and fabulous Hackney Wicked Festival !


INTERVIEW: Rapper, hip-hop theatre performer and Poetry Slam Champion Dizraeli

We hook up with Rapper, writer, poet and singer Dizraeli as he returns from rocking Glasto with his rhymes of politics, love, England (or ‘middle finger-land’ as he calls it) n all

Interview: All girl tribal rave choir Gaggle

What must be a promotor's worst nightmare (in terms of microphone stands and guestlist) is a punter's visual and audio delight! We love all girl rave/rock choir Gaggle! Here we talk to Honey Gaggle and Schwa..