Issue Three Outside The Box...

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"Reality" TV , Soaps, Women, Kids TV, Propaganda....

Cover Illustration by Samantha Jenkins

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Main Features

The TV Generation: Kids n The Box

Television. Is it really such a bad thing for kids? It gets way too much bad press, right? And anyway, we all grew up with Disney cartoons, and we turned out right?

Get Real

Is it a distraction or just a PR goldmine? Either way, with our future generation having more time for the box than the decay of our planet and humanity Rosey M says it's time to switch of reality TV n get back to reality.

Where are the Women?

It's a sad fact that whilst over half the viewing public is female, for every female character in TV drama, there are two that are male. Where are the women? I hear you cry. But hold your horses - here come Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda..

Our crazy columist Conspiracy Theorist goes to Hollywood!

Our crazy columist Conspiracy Theorist goes to Hollywood to find out what really goes on behind the scenes? Is she a little bit loopy? Is it all a bit strange but true? has she been watching way too many conspiracy DVDs...? Whatever you think don't c

Media Activist Jay Baker: Ads, Politics and TV

Other News

War on Want special report: Bringing the Occupation home

The last year has seen a huge shift in popular support for the global boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns against Israel. Yasmin Khan from War on Want explores what this campaign means and why it could be the most powerful strategy yet..

Conspiracy Theorist Special! An interview with MI5 Whistle Blower and self-proclaimed 'Messiah' David Shayler.

The greatest geniuses have often been called mad, but then many mad men call themselves geniuses. David Shayler is a highly intelligent individual who believes strongly in justice and redemption. He is a man on a mission to debunk t

Green Summer - A rundown of what did and didn't hapen at this summer's annual green events


In an Ideal World by John Pilger

The Vegan Has Landed by punk phenomenon Tymon Dogg (in a Human Body)

Vegan prose by Punk legend, Musician, Vegan, Clash contributer, Mescelero member... Tymon Dogg!


Huge imagination and artist Suzanne Treister and the fantastical journey of Rosalind Brodsky and the military occult.

Heston' Art Bitch' Rufus Gollightly: The continuous drama of our downward spiral.

Britain's Rubbish Preview, Decima Gallery, Berlin

Humankind is imminently headed for collapse. Shit! How did that happen? We need look no further than 'BRITAIN'S RUBBISH' says Decima Projects, who, along with a new Berlin art gallery, are staging a major show this October to coincide with the 20th a

Aaron Baarshack - we talk Stalin, Comedy and gatecrashing Windsor with the self-dubbed 'Prophetic Comedy Terrorist'


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with The Fall's Elena Poulou

This issue we bagged a rare interview with Elena Poulou, The Fall's Keyboard player and front man n music n culture icon Mark E. Smith's wife. Here we learn a bit about life in one of the most important bands of our time and a whole heap of int

Our crazy little gig at the (mad) George Tavern - "Britain's Rubbish" Review

In an effort to practice what we preach n provide honest objective news coverage we decided we couldn't review our own gig! Therefore we asked two of our columnists Rose Mouton and Heston Rufus Gollightly to give their opinion on the night - ok, it

Interview: No Bra's Susanne Oberbeck

We chat beyonce, Youtube and what's not too sexy with industrial hardcore folk phenomenon Susanne Oberbeck of 'No Bra'


Blood of the Corn Kings

Verse by comic guru Rick Grimes

Just Texted - Captain of the Rant


Fiction From - The Axis of Evil - introduction

The Rickshaw