Wickeda Wickeda! Hackney Wicked Art Festival III

Come and buy your La Bouches and do the annual ware-gallery-cave crawl at the 3rd  Hackney Wicked Festival !

We will be setting up our little stall again at the Fete for the Wicked on Sunday August 3rd. This time we will try hard not to lose all our takings at the after rave!

HOWEVER, there is more fun to be had in this infamous industrial labyrinth of open studios and parties over the entire weekend, 31st July - Sunday 1st Aug :
The festival's patron Gavin Turk & co will host group show of artists who congregate in the Lighthouse pub 'The Agile Rabbit'.

Graffiti Jams will be brought to you by ONITDesign.com in the yard of 92 White Post Lane where up to 20 artists
(some of world renown) will be painting in the famous Hackney Wick "Hall of Fame'.

'The Scottish Weirdo's'  collaboration with Cosmic Megabrain  - a SIT DOWN AFFAIR, involving the Weirdo's doing a dinner based performance and video art behind the diners... and watch out for the return of the  Punk Choir aka the Hackney Secular Singers around the Wick.

Also go to the The Peanut Factory Stage: 12-5 for live theatre, cabaret and comedy, including performances by Hackney Wicks' resident Tax Deductible theatre company, and 'The Hive' -  where dear friends Decima Gallery once resided.

Get Wicked.

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