We meet Guitar - Rave Hackney Celebs - The Coolness!!

Guitar-Rave Hackney Party band  'The Coolness'!

Photos by Billa

You can always count on electro-rock sensation 'The Coolness' for a good ware party with all the best bands, costumes, hair, sunglasses and moustaches in East London. We bump into front man Chaz John Ross at Club Uncool one time. .


 LB: Your parties are a clever piece of self-promotion and self-showcasing. Is this the intention behind them?
CC: We've learnt what makes a good party and we’re a party band! We always try and pay and showcase all the other bands we have here
¦ We've had Charli XCX, Dead Kids¦ Micachu and other bands who are up and coming. So we've put on a lot of bands who we like and who have then gone on to become big. A lot of promoters are in it to be fashionable and in style or they're doing it to make money but The Coolness is fundamentally a rock band and we're more similar to those 60s and 70s bands¦ you know Hendrix and Kiss where it's just all about the party and everyone together and sex. We're not trying to be clever or cool we just do it because we feel like we have to do it. There's no one else doing anything like Club Cool.

LB: ART/WARE Raves have massively taken off lately with the whole Nu Rave scene.. What did you make of MTV's ART/WARE party, sponsored by Nestle that you played at?
CC: I'm not sure if they were cashing in on this warehouse scene I think they just want to be considered trendy. It was like Club Cool in that they had the visuals and the interactive stuff and were trying to bring people together. The crowd were very difficult.  They didn't move very much unless we were doing Karate jumps the whole set and cartwheels and guitar solos. But although they didn't move that much I think they really appreciated our performance and I mean it was nice that the event was organised.

LB: Do you have any plans to get mainstream and rise up from the underground any time?
CC: It's not really something we want to do but I feel like maybe we have to do it in order to survive. We're very cautious about making music for specifically commercial reasons but we do want to be professional and I mean the bottom line is, we need some money. If we're gonna get paid to do it on a bigger scale and then if we have to be more professional and more commercial then I suppose that's what we'll do.  After the single 'Take it Off/Set me free' is released then we may start playing the more commercial gigs and talking to the more commercial magazines.



LB: Would you describe yourself as a local band?
CC: I think we are a fun band and Shoreditch is a fun place but we are ridiculing it as much as we are championing it because I suppose we find it quite false.  I mean we started wearing a lot of white because all the other bands were wearing loads of black so you know..Yeah, we got an electro sound and Shoreditch has got a lot of electro music going on. We're only famous in the East End!     

LB: You're Hackney celebs! What do you think of the East End getting so developed and commercial? All the old authentic bars have been gutted and made posh! Is it the end of the East End?
CC:  That's not good...that's not good a good thing but I think it's still an exciting place but the coolest most interesting places are now not in Brick Lane and Old Street but further out in Dalston, Hackney. In a way the only reason it got good in the first place was because we got the Olympic Games bid in 2000-2002. In a way that's when it started kicking cos the money started coming in. So you can't really complain as the only reason it picked up in the first place was because of the development here.

LB: Who would you most like to have at Club Cool?
CC: Jimmy Hendrix or The Beatles and Daft Punk. The Coolness other wise it wouldn't exist so we'd have to have us playing¦ and just bands I've never heard before. Young bands. It's a good atmosphere for them. We want everyone to play here as long as they're fun and original and not boring. LB!


 CLUB COOL! - Photo by Alan Davies

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