STRIP! by Vince Laws (Check  him out at )



Give me an S!

S is your Spare Bedroom Tax.

10 million disabled people

in the UK, under attack.

S is the Shirt that they stole off my back!


Give me a T!

T is your Torture, your Tick-box Test.

70 'Fit For Work' people die each week

because your Work Capability Assessment's

up Cull Creek. Stop putting humans

through an inhumane test.

The disabled only protest

when they've nothing left to lose.

Iain Duncan Smith is the shit on my shoes!


Give me an R!

R is for Remploy, Redundancies, Recession,

I paid into your system

But you mis-sold me oppression.

You wish more employers would take us on

so take the lead Dave, and show what can be done.

Better still, Government, give the lead to us,

if the Disabled have to be on board

we'll drive the fracking bus!

I need another moat and a house for my ducks!

Mixed metaphors and the system socks!


Give me an I!

I is the Independent Living Fund,

It lets people live the lives that they own.

New claims were stopped in 2010

and it's death by Coalition in 2015.

Not-yet-disabled millionaires

are stocking up on shares

while stripping us of benefits.

First they take the services

that allow us independence,

then they'll stick us all in Care Homes

and trouser all the profits!


Give me a P!

P is for PIP, A Personal Independence Plan

It replaces Disability Living Allowance

but it's a scam.

500,000 people tricked

out of the help they currently get.

This Coalition are the goalpost shifters.

They've changed the definition of disability,

and that's a job for doctors not politicians.

Disabled people have had enough -

when the only option's destitution -

the gloves are firmly off!

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