Deathe Before Employment: Exclusive Sicknote Interview

Not much really makes us leave London, but when we got our interview with Welsh punk-rave lot Sicknote, we went about blagging a lift to Swansea to see them get their techno freak on… Only our lift fell through and the last National Express left at a lame 10pm. Looking at YouTube, their notorious live performances, described as the best in the country by Bizarre Magazine, swap microphones for megaphones and backing dancers for swaggering clowns. Gutted not to witness all this in the flesh we thought we should do the next best thing n call up front man DOGHOUSE SICKNOTE for a chat…

Hello! How was the gig?
Awesome. It was a small venue and a really good crowd. It was all last minute as we had to find a new venue but we found a bar run by bikers. Dodgy as fuck but awesome.

I can see your music has been described in many weird and wonderful ways from a “messy techno abortion” to “the soundtrack to your midlife crisis”, what would you write up you sound as?
 Well, I got so fed up of people asking me to describe our music that I made song to describe it. It’s called ‘Psychic Electro-breakbeat Shamanic Soapbox Dance Punk’.

I sense somehow you have a point to make about unemployment?
  Definitely. I came up with the song ‘Death Before Employment’ because of Utah Phillips, the hobo folk musician and anarchist back in the fifties. And there was this whole community of unemployed folk all jumping trains to play their music and they all had tattoos of a red rose with the words ‘death before employment‘. So I thought that’s brilliant, I‘m using that! And benefit cheat… Well, I got so fed up because the country’s in a mess and it’s the people at the bottom of the ladder who are getting all the blame pushed onto them, those who are the most vulnerable and defenceless. Yeah, that’s why the country’s a mess - because of them! I just thought ‘I’m not havin’ it!‘ So I made a t-shirt saying ‘I’m a benefit cheat’.

Can you tell us about your ‘benefits ball’ and ‘fuck the royal wedding’ party plans?
 Yeah, the benefits ball is because we’re releasing a triple vinyl with Benefit Cheat on and so to launch that we‘re having the Benefits Ball, in Birmingham.  We’ve got more fans in Birmingham than anywhere else! Royal Wedding party, well it’s our mate Nige’s wedding anniversary on the same day as the Royal Wedding, so we just thought fuck the royal wedding we can have Nige’s anniversary party instead.

You are well known for putting on a good old wild show. what has been your maddest to date?
  It would have to be the Boomtown Fair Devil Kicks Dancehall, where we played last thing on the Saturday and the whole place erupted. People were climbing up tent poles and 30 people were on stage with us. The bouncers started dragging people off the stage and we had to say “no, we want the people on the stage, we don’t mind.” There were three mosh pits. It was awesome.

What is the worst song ever?
‘Old Shep’ by Elvis. Have you ever heard it? It’s so bad it’s brilliant.

What’s the best?
  One of the Sex Pistols songs… ‘Pretty Vacant‘.

Do you think the Tories will last in power?
  To be honest, I couldn’t give a fuck who's in power. It’s the power that corrupts and it doesn’t make a difference if the person sitting in government has got a blue or red tie on. In a way I’m glad the Tories are in power because things have got to worse before things get better and they’re doing a very good job of making things worse. LB!


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