I Walk This Road (in Sark)

Elections are a relatively recent phenomenon on the tiny channel island of Sark. The island, famed for its sheep racing, lack of cars and unspoilt natural beauty, was governed under a remarkable feudal system until 2008, when a European human rights ruling brought election fever to its shores.



Carriage crossing La Coupee bridge in Sark


Peter Byrne, a talented singer-songwriter, hails from his handmade house (which also functions as an art gallery and bed and breakfast) on Sark, where he works away on his foot-tapping choons.


When Peter stopped off in Sark as part of his European tour he met the love of his life and made the island his home


His latest single, I Walk This Road, definitely lends itself to listening on repeat. It has a folk, Celtic fusion feel and the varied vocal style seems somehow to capture the quirky beauty of his island home, as well as his Irish roots.


His song tells a story of some distress, but also hope. He sings of a long and difficult road, but one that he reassures us will not last forever.


Sark’s recent history is complex and fascinating, but we at La Bouche would urge our readers to research for themselves the history of this island, to pay it a visit or, at the very least, to give Peter’s song a listen. It is available on iTunes at https://itun.es/gb/fPD36

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