Peaches brings Berlin to the Bienalle


Okay, clearly not a permanent biennale fixture but… Peaches! Denmark gave us what we really wanted at the Venice Bienalle during their pavilion’s official party at the Lido airport. As we were savaged by mutant mosquitoes we were simultaneously treated to a performance by one of our faves, Peaches. Our mutilated limbs raged uncontrollably to the beats of the Berlin-based electro-queen as she flung herself into the crowd, crawled up the sides of the stage, drenched us in champagne n changed costume ten times behind her decks.

“I have a sensitive side!” Peaches insisted after a set of infamously explicit songs. “I have a sensitive side!” Our girl then launched into a soaring Shirley Bassey ballad - which was amusing - showing some unconvinced onlookers that there’s much more to her vocally than just ‘shouty Euro-house’ (dear, oh dear). Anyway, clearly over the whole sensitivity thing, Peaches was behind the decks again this time emerging in a Pussy Riot mask demanding the Russian trio be freed. The crowd invaded the stage, Peaches invaded the crowd and it was all in all an excellent boum. Eat your heart our Gaga.



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