Our crazy columist Conspiracy Theorist goes to Hollywood!

It's a conspiracy! - 'Movies are art and the spirit of the movies depends on the creators' (Lloyd Kaufman)

Our crazy columist Conspiracy Theorist goes to Hollywood to find out what really goes on behind the scenes? Is she a little bit loopy? Is it all a bit strange but true? has she been watching way too many conspiracy DVDs...? Whatever you think don't choke on your popcorn!

Motion pictures have always influenced are society. From the creation of the socially escapable rebel (a la James Dean) to the femme fatal character that seems to have become every little girls aspiration. Movies take the imagination to another reality. We become lost in the narrative of a complete strangers creation, sometimes not ever truly finding our way back to reality. So how then are we so easily lulled into the security that movies are pure fiction? Movies are no longer made to purely entertain or tell a tale of an interesting life. They have become one of the strongest tools to gain control over our society. For more than seventy years films have been made for propaganda purposes and it's not just Nazi Germany that used these tactics. We no longer pay attention to the sub-conscious messages the vast majority of main stream 'bankable' films are enforcing upon us.

      Why do films have to fit the pattern of the three act structure? Including an inciting incident mid-way through and the climax placed five script pages before the end. This three act structure is common knowledge in the industry and all main stream films conform to this strict structural narrative. We (the audience) are unaware that we crave this structure, so this being the case, what else are we sub-consciously socking in? Of course there is the issue of product placement, but that's an obvious tactic used that only the very naive would not pick up on. It is said that the film making industry is one of the freest mediums around. I beg to differ. Just like the main stream music industry, we are subjected to the thoughts and ideas of another person. But whose thoughts? The directors, well perhaps, but let me throw something else out there. Maybe the only directors that become successful conform to the ideas and concepts created by a much higher power. Yes, you guessed it; I'm talking about the illuminati!!

      Why do the vast majority of main stream feature films follow the same generic pattern? The stories and plots may differ but the underling characterization and messages seem to be the same. Films have become a format for the illuminati to vent a moral message ‘Be different but conform to be popular. Females are classed as either virgins to be broken or wild creatures in need of taming. Whereas men are viewed as misogynistic individuals or uber feminine metro sexual types. Why? Because it creates friction between the sexes in the real world, as people expect real life individuals to conform to these identities and when they don't it causes a social un-balance. We view and relate to the created characters and this takes us further away from the concept of simply being a human not defined by our gender.

      Aaron Russo, film maker and political activist dared to speak out against the main stream film making industry and he is now dead. He bravely brought to light that he was approached by a member of the illuminati who tried to be-friend him and persuade him to join them. Calling the general population sheep to be manipulated for the benefit of the powers that be. They failed to convince him and he spoke out against them. Then a few days before a conference on the reality of the conspiracy of 911 and the possibility of it being far from a conspiracy, he died of a deadly fast spreading cancer. Coincidence of convenience? How better to control a population (especially the susceptible youth) than to start by penetrating their imagination? But what about films like the matrix, V for Vendetta or even Michael Moore's documentaries? Surly the illuminati would not allow such films to be made, but why not? How better to hide a reality than by placing it in a medium that is widely viewed as purely fantastical? People are considered crazy if they think that films are real. So surly the best way to hide a reality would be to imbed it in the medium of a motion picture.

      I personally love films of all genres but am aware that when I watch them that the message within them is not always as simple or as innocent as it may seem. So next time you watch a film or TV drama count how many times the number 13 appears in the shot, or how many times you can spot an owl or obolix when there seems to be no need for it to be there. Remember imagination is what makes us human, even the great William Blake thought that imagination was the key to the human existence, but like everything it can be manipulated to make you think how others wish you to think. So watch but always be aware as nothing in films is there by coincidence it's all placed there for one reason or another.


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