Mike Title from the Dead Kids has a thing or two to say...

The Dead Kids, the infamous grime-rock five who reared their heads from the underground East End party scene three years ago, are actually the ultimate self-made band.  This is seriously smart DIY: They've built their own studio in a North London warehouse, recently set up their own record label 'sparrows Tear' (from which we will see shortly see their first album released) and they have built up a massive fan base simply from their notorious wild visceral live shows. Other bands, you should take note.  By commanding this level of autonomy, the world could well be their oyster plus, front man Mike Title won't get any headache for his outspoken way... Just as well really because he definitely likes a good rant..

Mike Title talks to us about fame, the X-factor, the tabloids, and .. well, dead kids...

LB: So what are you all up to at the moment?
MT: We're recording a record, we've basically set up our own label called sparrow's Tear, we've put out the Selfish Cunt record "English Chamber Music", we've already put one single (very limited edition single) last year and got one coming out April 27th called "Snakes" which I did all the artwork for.  We're very much focused on making a record that we're proud of, not just putting out a product but something that we can listen back to and other people, hopefully who will be around after us, can listen back to and be moved by.  I guess we just want to evoke inspiration n joy n fear n panic n all these extreme emotions in people.

LB: So you're doing pretty well at the moment-
MT: What's doing well?

LB: Well from what I can see you're putting yourselves out there, you're getting good gigs-
MT: Doing good gigs, people are happy, people know who we are... but we're not making money? Ain't that doing well?

LB: Well, my next question was does fame and fortune appeal to you much?
MT: Fortune maybe but I don't make music for money, I sometimes only put out about one EP a year but people know that I'm there, that's the main thing.

I don't think fame should appeal to anyone. I've met people that are obsessed with being famous, people that are obsessed with being seen with other people. Some people are obsessed with finding their value, their self worth through other people's acknowledgment of their achievements.  I've never really wanted that, I've never really wanted to be popular amongst anyone. What's important to me is that the people that I love love me. That's all. But I don't love that many people.

LB: What do you think of the X-factor?
MT: What do I think of the X-factor? Well, I think it's very cruel but watchable. I mean who doesn't walk down the street n stop n stare at a nutter? You know, everyone stops n stares at a nutter. Everyone loves the village idiot and it's very much that sort of British mentality.  But when it gets to the closing stages I get to that point where I just think is there nothing better than this? Is the British public spoon-fed this generic spoon-fed crap so that they don't have to think? Is that just what people want?  Sometimes I think this is just a mass conspiracy to keep people very vanilla and ordinary. You are what you eat, right? And we're eating shit, and that's what we are yeah.

There's no imperfection, that's the other problem I find with the X-factor, it's all about hitting perfect notes and warbling. Since when did that ever count for anything, you know? David Bowie, the greatest singer that ever lived, Frank Sinatra, the greatest singer that ever lived, you know the greatest artists painting in the most perfect way? No, it's not about perfection - it's the opposite. It's about emotion. The one thing about X-factor is that there's never any emotion, apart from someone waving their hand and pretending to dry their tears when they win. That's bullshit, fucking bullshit. It's just sad and empty. 

LB: Why the name 'Dead Kids'?
MT: The reason I called the band Dead Kids is because I was trapped in a 9-5 job while I was travelling to work and every day I was reading stories about dead kids. And as much as I hate the tabloid newspapers I was addicted to them, just as much as you could be addicted to anything else. I just looked around and I just though, all these people, all these robots, all these insects who just travel to work and they are just force fed this shit.  Even if they don't choose to read it, they're given it free now.

That's the same thing, tabloid shit in your brain, right, occupying it. Again, cheap, bland, nasty, common denominated bullshit, yeah, again it' like eating processed food.

I just thought the most vulgar disgusting part of it is that every day there's a picture of a child and someone describing their terrible fucking death and no one really cares about them. I just don't understand why they always do it! Is there not some other news? How does that occupy a page? So some kid died, it's a terrible tragedy but what's it there for? I still don't know why it's there.

There are children dying everywhere, Somalia, Algeria, places the media don't even go.
How bout people just say no thanks [to the free papers], how bout they just read a book instead and how bout they left all those poor immigrants to just stand there in the rain with no-one to take them off them, yeah?

The world's full of evil disgusting people who don't give a shit.  That's the world we live in. There's no chance of a revolution. It ain't gonna happen.  A revolution's like going to the gym for a month.  

LB: Your music's an interesting blend of genres, how would you describe it?
MT: I would describe it as aggressive, and joyful and sexual and panicky and dark and happy and noisy. LB!

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