Midge Ure talks to La Bouche about the 70s and hopes for this decade



Aside from being a benefit gig, the rich kids' event seemed like a kind of celebration of the 70's. What for you distinguishes the 70's from other decades?

The 70's seems to have pushed a lot into its decade. From prog rock to punk. Look at the early period with Ziggy Stardust and Roxy Music to Sparks and Cockney Rebel. All of these artists seemed to emerge at the same time and herald something new to music but it sat alongside The Osmonds and the Bay City Rollers, Slade and Mud, but within a few years the whole 'new wave' explosion came along and blew everything out of the water. By the end of the decade Electronic and synthesiser bands started to emerge, so a lot of musical and technical change took place in a short space of time.

What was your favorite 70's moment?

The moment I walked into a crappy rehearsal room with what was left of Ultravox and making a magnificent noise.

Where do you see yourself going musically this decade?

I have never planned a career and don't intend at this late stage to start. Sometimes if you stop looking you find interesting things.

What would like to see happen in humanitarian terms in this decade? How do you think radical change can really happen in  Africa and other parts of the Third World?

There seems to be a lot of Chinese money going into a variety of countries in Africa which is a little worrying as well as heartening. I think the future will lie in solar technology when we make it work well enough to be efficient. Most third world countries have an abundance of sunshine.

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