Kate 'n' Bill's Nuptial Blessing by Stephen Micalef

I bought dat see thru number for

old times sake 'n' I'm so excited

Goin' to THAT wedding - though

saddened the King of Bahrain can't

make it cos if you leave ya get ousted

Gaddafi Duck can't make it now

ez going out with Fergie 'n'

It's good to see all the neighbors

At Democracy Gutter are invited

They've all got their gold - embossed

Invites on Parliament Square Kerb

Blinding in the early morning sunlight

William vetoed me mates invite

Kate broke thru her disco minders

To dance at Boujis with

the oldest groover in town

Peter '00 at 53 thinks

'ez 19 - William, a very jealous geezer - e

barged into Peter 'n' put 

'im off  'ez rhythmic

gyrations - William

Glared a warnin' Glare

at Peter - a deep cold

angry dark tyrranical

King of England stare

which said Lay off ma bird!

Or else!

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