On the River Jordan

Afloat with no restraint

Staring at the whirling sky above

Cold water splashing from below

I clasp my plastic paddle



The sun at its peak

Bronzing my body

Drenched in river sweat

Slipping on the wet rubber


Behind us whistles ring

The guardsmen start to jump

I smack down onto the rock

Fall down across the rapids


As the waters start to swirl

I become less sure:

The East or West Bank

Which one am I aiming for?


He loomed above

A child he set out to seek

There were many all around

His dark caramel skin glinted

Through the water droplets


His muscles bulged

Standing waist deep

Thick arms outstretched both ways

The water flowed over his shoulders

and curved onto his chest to drop over his stomach

and get caught in the folds of his boxer briefs

that were not actual swimming shorts


And like a ragdoll I fell into his arms

And he pulled me


Onto the other shore

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