An Introduction to 'Fiction From' by our Fiction Editor Ali Sheikholeslami

At La Bouche, we believe the world of stories is far more exciting and fun than what is called the 'real world'. And as we have promiscuous tastes for tales, we have decided to have Fiction from, introducing writers from diverse parts of the world in each issue. We are delighted to feature four talented writers from Bangladesh in Issue 1.

If you have heart conditions, please look away now. But if you're brave enough, read on. Samir Rahman crashes all reality and draws his version of sci-fi fantasy. Munize Khasru's 'Leftovers' paint a chilling picture of a seemingly insignificant and recurring, but yet very deep personal tragedy. Saad Hossain is a master of playing with irony to mock power politics in his Shiraz journey. And Sabrina Ahmad, through her flash fiction, treats us with snapshots that taste of haiku.

I hope you will enjoy these stories as much as we have. The writers will be pleased to know what you think of their stories, so your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

Ali Sheikholeslami
Fiction Editor

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