Interview with Punk Step Pioneers Nova

We booked them twice for our George Tavern gigs and we' book them again in a heartbeat. We do love˜punk step pioneers Nova not only for their ability to make the whole room rave and because their tunes are really friggin good but also because there's not an ego in sight. They're quite obviously in it purely for the music and the adventures that DIY courture brings...

We've come up with a way to save the world, says Nova front man Jack Maltby with a black eye and a fat lip. Jimmy Sheals, the drummer (and man behind the punches delivered earlier that day during their video shoot) starts laughing. Either they have now patched things up or it was all just a big joke in the first place. "Go on then?" I ask

Jack: Well it's a bit of a mind fuck, but anyway it's about terrorism. Everyone's terrified by terrorism, right? It's because the way the brain works is that when you hear a word you start to think of things that go with it. So with terrorism, it's always horribleness and bad things and so we want to go to war, and spend loads of money. So we're now actually writing a song to change people's minds so that when people think of terrorism eventually people will go "terrorism! It's fun, it's a good night out!" and so we'll stop the war and save loads of lives.
Jimmy: That's our plan!

La Bouche: You could have terror raves?

Jimmy: Yeah Terror-step!
Jack: We'e currently writing a song about Guy Fawkes too and er. What's it about?
Jimmy: Well, it's about if he hadn't got caught and that it would be kinda better if he hadn't. 
Jack: A youth generation of terrorists, is the aim. Nice ones though who don't blow people up.

La Bouche: Yeah, some terrorists are proper loons.

Jack: [laughs] Yeah, you gotta watch out for terrorists.

LB: Are looking to get signed, you're myspace says 'no thanks' in the record label bit.

Jimmy: Yeah the plan is DIY ethnic. Luckily, we got a mate with good contacts for live stuff but that's about as industry-related as we get.
Jack: Record labels are loans with terrible interest rates and it's not worth it.
Jimmy: I think it's all about playing live nowadays.

LB: Well you're pretty good live so you're lucky then! What's the video you've been filming?

Jack: Lots of live clips and mainly us walking around in slow motion. Not as mental as our 'Hackney Wick' video. I found this abandoned warehouse along the canal and the path had kind of disappeared and so the only way you could get to it was by boat.  So I blew up a rubber dingy and we put all the equipment in it; guitars, cameras the whole lot and about five of us went to this warehouse in the middle of the night.

Jimmy: There was no electricity so we had to light it up with fire and pretend to play without the actual music.

LB: What are your new decade resolutions?

Jimmy: (groans) that's such an 'interview' question! Well, We watched the Joe Strummer documentary the other day 'The Future is Unwritten'.
Jack: Yeah we saw Tymon in it! [Tymon Dogg, Clash contributor and Mescelaro who also played at our 'Britain's Rubbish' gig]
Jimmy: I like the bit where Joe builds camp fires and gets everyone to come and play music round it.
Jack: There's something about fire bringing people together. Fire is both ultimate luxury and ultimate calamity. The contradiction is inspiring... Yeah, so maybe we'll have some gigs round a campfire this decade. LB!

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