Interview: All girl tribal rave choir Gaggle

What must be a promotor's worst nightmare (in terms of microphone stands and guestlist) is a punter's visual and audio delight! We love all girl rave/rock choir Gaggle!  Here we talk to Honey Gaggle and Schwa, as well as Gaggle members they make the Gaggles costumes.

So, it must be fun to be a gaggle gal, or do you all bicker over who gets to sing n wear what?

Yeah there is normal bickering normally over things like shoes and who is too loud when we travel, but its like a big family so we argue, then get over it.

Speaking of which, where do you get your groovy gowns n headgear from?

The outfits are by us, Schwange, Kathryn Bonnar and Angela Maria Platt. Each costume is individually designed for each girl. The headpieces incorporate trinkets from each of the girls mixed in with hair and random objects. Its very tribal which was important for us.

Are you looking forward to playing all the festivals? It will be different from london venues...

Yeah the festivals will be amazing. We are playing quite a few (bestival, reading and leeds, the big chill, latitude and more). We are really excited about Vintage Goodwood where we are taking part in a fashion show that we will be making some one off costumes for!

Appreciate is a boring Q, but how gaggle start, and how did you come up with the concept of an all girl rock rave choir? It is refreshing to see such an original act get some recognition..

Coughlin came up with the idea of Gaggle as a reaction against a male dominated music industry. It started off with a few of us in a room singing, but she always had a vision in mind of what she wanted it to be.

What was the general criteria for recruiting gaggle members in the auditions?

There was never really auditions, the growth was quite a natural thing of friends joining.

Who writes the music or is it a joint effort? Are you all musicians?

Coughlin writes the songs with Simon Dempsey. LB!

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