In an ideal world... by Noam Chomsky, John Cooper Clarke, Sicknote, Shazia Mirza and more...

As it is our two year anniversary on April 1st, we decided to mark it by putting together a collection of our favorite 'In an Ideal World' quotes from back issues, as well as some new....

Noam Chomsky

 "I can think of ways in which it could be a better world so I agree that there's no point just complaining about what exists. “But I don't think we know enough about human beings and society to suggest more than tentative guidelines”.



John Cooper Clarke

!There would be fashion police in fact, fashion crimes would be the only crimes. The biggest fashion offence would be the wearing of sportswear in inappropriate places.
Would there be clocks?
 No those egg timers like the grim reaper has where sand runs from one chamber into another chamber. Them n sun dials but certainly nothing that ticked or chimed so you could ignore the passage of time if you wanted. So there would be time but nothing in your face. It would be a totally casual world. Totally casual."

John Pilger

The distribution of wealth...
"The world's wealth belongs to us all. Wealth should be distributed to those who work for it and need it. Ordinary human beings operate this form socialism in their private lives, because it's practical; it's common sense."



Doghouse Sicknote

"Where the focus is more on community than global. Where people realize their own skills and share their skills with others. I think in an ideal world human beings should be able to excel in what they are good at and share but not negate other peoples' skills." 

Shazia Mirza

"I don't think we'd have celebs they're a waste of time. No one is valuable who is celebrity. I would really like people like Alan Bennett to be a celebrity but of course he'd never want to be one. He's talented, he's got a job, he's intelligent so he wouldn't be interested."

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