Our crazy little gig at the (mad) George Tavern - "Britain's Rubbish" Review

In an effort to practice what we preach n provide honest objective news coverage we decided we couldn't review our own gig!  Therefore we asked two of our columnists Rose Mouton and Heston Rufus Gollightly to give their opinion on the night - ok, it's still slightly biased but you can't have it all....


Rose Mouton:

I have to say I was a little concerned upon arrival when I walked in at 9pm and Josie, our editor was in a complete state shouting that barely any of the acts had turned up on time n the night was completely behind schedule.  However, once inside it really didn't matter if there was a band or art performance going on at all!  The George Tavern is the most fabulous authentic little East End gem ever really and it just oozes wild 70s squat party vibes (as original punk legends in the house Sniffin Glue editor Stephen Micalef and ex-Clash member Tymon Dogg confirmed).  Any way, I mingled about a bit in the garden chatting to artists, musicians, zine editors, people dressed as giant dogs and just general nutters before heading inside to watch rising art star Vickie Gold n mate bounce about in yellow Bob n Roberta bikinis. After Gold seemed to come a whole stream of vicarious entertainment - my personal faves were The Dogg's ferocious fiddling n I also thought Nova's live punk step set was great - industrial, jolly and just very very cool.  I finished off the night being literally thrown across the dance floor by Heston n the Decima Dogs to Bangra of all things! Ha ha ha. Am I coming to Novemeber 21st ?  Yeah I guess, if someone can retrieve my arm n leg from the rubble that must be the George Tavern! Anarchy I tell you!


Heston Rufus Gollightly:


A splendid affair all-round apart from the Coolness which should possibly be renamed the uncoolness - Anyway I'll come to that. Although Tymon Dogg was definitely on too early, the crowd was masterfully whipped into shape by him, helped on by Micalef & Piers fabulous vocal ranting. Enter Tricity Vogue's excellent Ukulele Cabaret continuing the whipping with her unique one-woman-brand of audience participation. At one point the Decima Dogs even joined in. For the uninitiated, Decima Gallery members like to go around with these totally ridiculous giant dog heads on. Personally I think it's a cheap way to draw attention to oneself without actually having to do any real work but anyway it seems to have the desired effect Real life imitated art quite literally, as Vicki Gold's video projected images of her and Alex Fear dancing around wearing Guy Hilton and Mark McGowan masks, up got the duo themselves, and after finding their feet dancing on the tables and smashing a few glasses, stripping off to reveal their Bob & Roberta Smith underwear! Great performance and highly amusing. Vicki Gold may be one to watch out for. I've noticed her videos and her blog and I have to say it is nuts. Good nuts. The Lonesome Cowboys from Hell's tribute band The Cows they Couldn't sell were an amusing enough double-act. The mood dived a little bit for Paul Sakoilsky's somewhat sinister reading from his Dark Times, complete with impromptu accompaniment from the Dark Times Trio, a macabre lot  featuring cApStAn StRiNg, Mark Hammond on the organ, Jo Morgan and Raul Pina  they resembled something of a funeral march. I'm not sure if it was fully appropriate for that time of night, but at least it fitted the theme. Outside and inside the pub was packed, and they had even thought of putting on a little barbecue, a very nice touch and very tasty I must say. Nova stole the show towards the end of the live sets as their unique electro-pop-punk-whatever bellowed out from a couple of laptops, larynges, guitars and no doubt the occasional polyphonic octave generator. A shame that they had to make way for the headliners The UnCoolness. This band are given to selling themselves on the fact that they have a couple of strippers on stage with them, but normally their music is pretty reasonable too. Not tonight Jack. Not having even set up their kit, let alone soundchecked, this bunch of fumbled their way numbers, before the lead singer had a tantrum and decided to start smashing lightbulbs and dunking microphones in beer. Decima and La Bouche did a brilliant job of taking over this pub, with a real anarchic feeling, and real anarchic folk (Micalef, the main man and compere, taught Sid Vicious to pogo and Tymon Dogg is a former member of the Clash, and I can't not mention Simon Ould's brilliant drawings which adorned the walls) and the Coolness should take a lesson from people who really know how to upset the apple-cart. I was amused to read a week later on the bass-player's blog - get this - that when people talk about the East End being cool, they mean Hoxton and Shoreditch - not the real East End itself. Well sorry, but when I say the East End is cool (and this goes for any other self-respecting human being over 12 with taste) I mean everywhere EXCEPT Shoreditch and Hoxton. Like REAL places. Like The George Tavern.


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