The great grandmother of all conspiracies?

Forget the election! It's small fry compared to what our resident Conspiracy Theorist has uncovered......


So this conspiracy hound may have sniffed out the Don Daddy of all conspiracies. This makes the illuminati and the masons look like amateurs. What if the whole world, nay universe as we know it, is all a gigantic lie? What if all we have been taught is a fabrication of such meticulous strategic engineering that what I have to say here may change your whole perception of existence as you know it?


Well buckle up because here we go.... What if the earth was really flat? What? 'That's old news from pre biblical times that has been scientifically proven wrong', I hear you say, but is that really the truth?


Let's start with what we have been taught in school. That the earth is a huge sphere, floating in a black universe filled with dead stars. Have you ever asked yourself where this modern information about our planet comes from? The only space or orbital images we have access to come from one source .... NASA. A government created institution that has had more public money than any medical facilities in history. So I put to you the idea that NASA may only be showing you what they want you to see.


If you put pictures of the earth in to your search engine you will be bombarded with CGI generated images of a floating, perfectly-symmetrical round globe. All these images are NASA-controlled and contorted. NASA openly admit that the images they allow the public access to are regenerated (touched up if you will) pictures of our earth. They say that they cannot take an accurate picture of the earth without distortion, so they use CGI to enhance the pictures of our earth for us so we get the best view. My question for your suspicious minds is this: if NASA admits to 'enhancing' the photos what are they capable of not telling us they have altered and why?


It has been scientifically hypothesised for many many years that the earth is not exclusively circular. In fact the vast majority of well-certified modern scientists agree that the earth is an oblate shape, not perfectly round. Why then, if this is still a working credited theory, are all the NASA generated images of the earth a symmetrically perfect circle? If top scientists agree we don't actually know what shape the earth is, how the hell do NASA have these images?


But more important than that is why have NASA created this "grand illusion"? Once again like with every good conspiracy it all goes back to power and control, subordination of the human mind. If the powers controlling governments and institutions such as NASA can convince humanity that they know first-hand what the earth and universe look like, they can tell us how it needs to be run.



‘Hang on’, I hear you say. ‘Humans have been around the world.’ Although as a species we have explored the majority of this earth’s surface, no living or dead human or drone have ever crossed the barrier poles of Antarctica. No one knows what lies beyond the gigantic pillars of ice.


The theories we have been taught we take as gospel, but where is the evidence? What if we are being conditioned to think we are less than we are, if our Earth is not in fact as limited on resources or space as they would have us believe? We know that this world is based on power and who has it. Organised Religion (not to be confused with spirituality) was created as a control mechanism and still is plaguing the earth, being used as justification for making weapons, war and death. Surely such a sophisticated plan would not just use religion as its tool. It must evolve into something more rational, something like science.


Having control and a facade of knowledge of our earth’s image and its workings keeps us passive. How better to keep power than perfecting a reality that isn't real? They teach the population of the earth that they know the most. They educate you in school not to question the science behind the hypothesis of the earth’s size, weight or shape, which cannot and has never been accurately measured. What if the earth was actually a flat interfaced space abundant with life inducing properties that would never run out?


Anyone that truly questions the un-Ptolemaic beliefs taught to us is viewed as mentally unstable. Why do we get so angry about protecting an ideology we don't even know to be more than just a few men's theory? We are conditioned from very early on not to critique what we are taught of our existence. The flat earth theory is a concept that many early cultures believed in. We say that they believed it out of ignorance and lack of technology. But let's imagine that their technology may not have been as primitive as we are taught. The extensive science behind this flat earth theory is very well explained by Eric Dubuy (" ) I highly recommend you watch this if you are interested in the intense debunking of current scientific theory on a round earth. So before you poopoo this as mad ramblings check it out.(Also look to YouTube for flat earth clues part 8 creative force, if you want something less factual but entertaining.)


Word of warning: do not be tricked by the ploys of the flat earth society. This is a staged group, a shill if you will. This group was formed on a great lie made to mislead and misinform the curious mind. They, through this group, create a false barrier of knowledge that discredits any outward thoughts about our true existence.


‘So what is our true existence?’ I hear you ask. Well, I'm not the powers that be, so I'll let you make up your own mind. I leave you with a quote from Mark Sutton:


" A lot of our beliefs come from our parents, the good and the bad, don't blame them. A lot of their beliefs came from their parents .... Don't blame them either. You see, this is conditioning. It's like a cycle. We can have a strong opinion on something we've never actually experienced. We can view something a certain way simply because our great great grandfather did, and no-one broke the cycle. We are moving in to a time where we are no longer adopting beliefs, we are thinking for ourselves".

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