Get excited and hot under the collar! Tune in to the election debates! Pretend, for a moment, that your vote really makes a difference! Election day has arrived!


As the quinquennial shuffle for political careers approaches, we have seen blistering attacks and promises from a cohort of political professionals, eager to convince us that they work for us, before getting in and doing things like: selling off the NHS, starting as many wars as possible, gradually privatising our education system, giving public contracts to their mates, increasing the strain on the vulnerable, turning a blind eye to industrial-scale tax-dodging and more!


We're not the only ones graced with this privilege: the Greeks recently ruffled a few feathers in the Euro-establishment with their recalcitrant vote for Syriza, the election in Israel disappointingly returned the unabashed bigot and serial warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu, and many other people around the world cast their ballots for more of the same or 'something a little different'.


In this issue, La Bouche has caught Election Fever! We present great alternative news, art and commentary from some places that have elections - and some that don't. Enjoy!

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