Good sex, bad sex

This Issue La Bouche gets a bit Oh La La… Yes readers, we are going raunchy… We have all kinds of delicious treats in store for you, from a chit chat with alternative porno-star Poppy Cox, to a romp through the Sarah Lucas’s Pavillion at the Venice Bienalle. And of course, what’s a sex issue sans un fine erotic tale, not to mention a bit of avante-guarde London poetry from our star bard Niall McDevitt.


All this said, we are going to be taking you on a journey into the dark side too. As you thoughtful folk may agree, sex can be dangerous - and not just in the context of unwanted pregnancy and STIs. We indulge in an in-depth discussion with Human Rights legend Peter Tatchell, where we look (amongst other things) at extremist views on sexual preference, which have a profound impact on those who are not heterosexual.


The repression of natural sexual urges can lead in all sorts of nasty directions and in many places the human rights of sexual minorities are routinely infringed. In England too, there are large parts of the sexual spectrum which remain excluded from the mainstream and women's private sexual choices in particular are still considered to be an acceptable topic for public debate. That's why we're pushing the proverbial boat out with more empowering views on sexual preferences, that take account of the full diversity of sexuality rather than hammering home the often oppressive norms of our culture.


The danger does not just come from repression, however. It would seem at the same time that sexuality is being rammed down our throats by advertisers and the mass media. We are encouraged to idolise twerking superstars and crowds of twelve-year-old kids ask rude boy whether he can get it up. With raunchy music videos and adverts beamed out indiscriminately, the very youngest of children is exposed to our society's obsession with superficial sex. Our beloved Conspiracy Theorist exposes the many dangers that lurk beneath this phenomenon, and who she thinks is behind all of this.


Oh,readers, how we have ranted about such problems in the past! But we shall rant, rant and rant again… until there is right in the world. And we'll throw in a few sex stories for good measure.



So welcome to La Bouche issue 9, RAUNCH edition. Buckle up, peeps. This is a sexy, at times not so sexy, roller coaster you need to go on.

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