Divide and conquer.

Our in-house conspiracy theorist says....

Cribs? Conspiracy! Women's March? Conspiracy! Christmas? Conspiracy! Trump vs Hilary? Conspiracy! 


Welcome fellow followers of all that is hidden. We have all heard the saying 'divide and conquer' but perhaps we thought that it was only used in military ops or as a drunken pulling strategy. Did you ever consider that it is actually a philosophy that the powerful elites of our world are implementing into our every day lives?  Shifting our morality to the very core. Slowly eroding our powerful humanity and directing us apart to make us easier to control. 

The saying divide and rule comes from the Latin 'Divide Et Impera'. Its first use is attributed to Philip of Macedonia. It's meaning is pretty self explanatory. Machiavelli later adapted this political power structure to military operations. By implanting suspicions in the realms of the men under military command, he caused separation and mistrust therefore making the enemy weaker. 

 "Now what does this have to do with me, average Joe or Jane?", I  hear you say. "I'm not in the military or involved in politics beyond voting and sometimes voicing my aggravation at the nightly news?"

Well what if I was to suggest to you that this divide and rule tactic is not being used purely for military purposes. That it is being embedded in the subconscious of each and every one of us on a daily basis. That it has been happening for hundreds, if not thousands of years. We see early examples of it when the Romans first started to make Britannia Christian in the 15th century. They slowly segregated the Pagan tribes and implemented their strong Christian values into the existing spiritual culture by slowly separating the pagan tribes and eroding their belief systems. dividing and changing them from matriarchal rule to a patriarchal. The mistrust and divide was slowly embedded deep within, then they started to integrate their new religious ceremonies into the pre existing tribal celebrations, as to not alert the masses to the huge cultural alteration. So what was once Yule became Christmas without any huge war or resistance because the population had been divided and conquered slowly from the inside out over generations. 

Again I hear you ask, "yes but that was hundreds of years ago, we have evolved beyond that method of political deviance haven't we?" I put it to you now that no we, or more precisely the elite families that hold the power, have not. In fact I suggest that this age old tactic is being forced upon us today more than we have ever seen in history before. 

We not only have huge class divisions that we are forced to observe every week in those awful benefit cheat programs on mainline, elite controlled, television programs. These programs showcase the less fortunate where they are demonised and made to look like sub-human wasters when in fact they are just people trying to survive in a fractured and cruel system. Then on the same channel, on the same night, we have programs like cribs or how the other half live. In these the rich are made to look like selfish, disassociated ambassadors of greed and hate. The programs completely ignore the vast majority of 'better off' people that work 15 hour days away from their families to maintain a lifestyle that they are taught is benefiting society as a whole, when actually they are just striving to maintain and feed a greedy system created by people born far richer than they could ever be even if they worked all their mortal lives and the next. So the poor and are made to hate the rich and the rich and middle class are conditioned to distrust and disassociate from the poor. Not once are we shown the human similarities of the real people behind these so called social classes. We are never shown that they grieve the same, heal the same and celebrate joys in the same ways as all humans naturally do. We are manipulated by the elite families that control our media into thinking that are differences are more common than our similarities. We are conditioned to hate, resent and judge others for a lifestyle they had little choice in. 

We also see this divide and conquer strategy in the race conflicts and sex wars. Women are manipulated by the media to view men as a threat to be overthrown due to years of deep-seated patriarchal rule. Instead of fighting for equality and calling for a celebration of our differences women are made to hate the male and to hold them individually responsible as the oppressor and not the system that created the discord in the first place. Women then go on to attack the attacker (the males) ironically taking on a patriarchal tactic to fight  patriarchy. This then causes the male to go on the  defensive and use their aggression and taught violence to become more intolerant. They become women haters instead of the natural protectors and supporters they truly are.  Instead of using the amazing female power of healing and empathy, we are taught to fight hate with hate which inevitably leads to more hate.

Another example of this manipulation and subversive control is with in race. The black lives matter movement started as a valuable call for people to acknowledge the terrible inequality in the world. Yet it has become a movement of segregation. The all lives matter counter movement jumped on the bandwaggon but instead of joining together to fight oppression, once again we are encouraged to segregate from each other as humans and made to view our differences instead of embracing and helping our fellow humans. We are taught to fear our differences so we automatically spread more fear and hate. 

The mainstream media,controlled by these elite families for centuries, fuels the fires of discord by presenting you with an us vs them agenda. Be it with immigration, police violence, sexual preference or political views. We live in a constructed system that tells us that if we do not think, believe, worship or have sex in similar ways that we must therefore hate each other.

We see this agenda being implemented  more than ever in the times of Trump and Hilary. People refuse to see that they were two heads of the same coin. One side is just more obviously tarnished. Republicans and democrats don't differ much on issues that actually contribute to changing our world for the better. They both fight on the team of profit through population control, selfish economic growth, war for profit and fear. People are taking to the streets and fighting the one man (scape goat) instead of concentrating and joining together to fight the real issues of greed, inequality and corruption within a system that was failing and unjust well before Trump took to the stage. Instead of being sickened by and protesting the unjust illegal drone and oil wars in Syria, Pakistan, Iraqi, Afghanistan and the Saudi assault on the Yemen (which our government and the USA continue to fund, not just under Trump but all the leaders that came before him) we are outraged at polices that are not that different from presidents of the past have put in place. Republicans have always been anti abortion and immigration as we saw under the rule of Reagan and Bush. Male presidents have very often been sexist as we have seen with the likes of JFK and Clinton.  It seems we are more offended by language than the actual killing and destruction of other countries; as long as it is done with a smiling smart handsome face from the right university, we don't care. We are being led like sheep to the slaughter by the media and the powers that be.

We will rally against Trump's so called sexism and racism  but not his continuation to support the Saudis or Israel and the war crimes they are committing. We will go and protest in outrage at a mixture of other blinded first world reasons allowing ourselves to think we are as educated and Enlightened giving us the illusion we are fighting a worth while battle when actually all we are doing is playing right into the hands of the powers that be. Again more divide (Trump/anti trump, liberals/right, educated/uneducated, rich/poor, anti abortion/pro choice, Christian/Muslim, atheist/religious to name a few ) more hate and discord and still the system remains the same.

We are being lead into a war with our own selves. A war from within. We are being misled into thinking that fighting against Trump is the right fight when actually it is just a powerful distraction from the real issues that people were starting to wake up to. We were already being led by a fascist and corrupt system, the puppets just looked good in smart suits and spoke more eloquently. We are being distracted from fighting the real war against our own oppression that has been being implemented in our society for the last 80 years if not much more. We will be so blindly grateful to get Trump out that we will ignore when the next puppet is placed in power that nothing in the grand system would have actually changed at all. We need to stop focusing on the joke that is Trump and start motivating towards real change. Trump was hailed by many as the non elite who was a force for real change. We know this was a load of bull but it showed people were so desperate for real change that they were willing to risk voting for him just in case it changed the system. This is the movement of the oppressed and desperate, not just the racist and uneducated. We need to change the whole system, not just fight the puppet they are placing in front of us to take our anger out on, this is their real distraction technique .

Time to really wake up, stop this state of lucid dreaming and looking for the quick fix and one person to pin all the blame on.  Time to come together as the race of humanity and conquer their corrupt and degrading system. Rise up gently and start constructing a system that includes the unincluded. Time to make a fresh start that starts not by protesting unchangeable events but by actually taking control and changing your life and others around you from within. Don't be divided, be united!


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