Conspiracy Theorist Special! An interview with MI5 Whistle Blower and self-proclaimed 'Messiah' David Shayler.

The greatest geniuses have often been called mad, but then many mad men call themselves geniuses. MI5 whistleblower David Shayler is a highly intelligent individual who believes strongly in justice and redemption. He is a man on a mission to debunk the mainstream political agendas among other things. He believes we are all being fooled and his arguments are more than convincing. So why do we find it hard to believe what he is saying? Maybe because he also thinks he is Jesus. Yes Jesus, the saviour of mankind! Some may think this is just madness or is he just extremely clever? How better to get attention and awareness for the environmental issues he has begun to campaign for and, of course his infamous conspiracy theories than to claim to be the Messiah! No one likes a boring realistic conspiracy, so how better than to spice things up with a bit of a biblical rant?

Or has this poor man really been subject of a injustice, where higher powers wish to discredit his name by making him insane? It is well known that the government can slowly poison individuals using a number of seemingly harmless chemicals such as florid and aspartame, driving one mentality slowly away from them. I will let you decide as I, Conspiracy Theorist, have conducted an exclusive interview with the man (or maybe the son of God himself) David Shayler.

LB: You're best known for blowing the whistle on your MI5 experiences but what have you been up to since?
DS: Well MI5 was twelve years ago and I do point out to people very seriously that if people had listened to what I was saying twelve years ago the world wouldn't be in a mess like how it is now.  I warned people about things like false flag terrorism, which came to pass with 9/11, I warned them that the intelligence services were making assessments with very little information and that obviously came to pass with the war in Iraq, then they put me in prison and they tried to kill me several times and I've obviously worked for 9/11 truth as well.  Then I became Jesus.

LB: How did you become Jesus?
DS: This is obviously going to sound like the strangest part of the story but I do assure people that I'm absolutely serious about this and hold it as the way forward but I was an atheist for 38 years and I've had more than my fair share of suffering and persecution so they tried to kill me on a number of occasions and they put me in prison. It wasn't like they put me in prison because I was a danger to society they put me in prison because I was a danger to their power base because I was revealing all sorts of stuff about the intelligence services that they didn't want revealing and the secrecy that goes on to control people but as a result of the extreme suffering of that and truly knowing injustice and standing up to the truth I became a kind of conventional spiritual being to start with believing in love and trying to find out what my role was in the divine plan.  After two and a half years of that the spirit came to me and through a series of signs and communications and ancient documents told me that I was Jesus Christ essentially.  People think that Jesus came two thousand years ago and all the books that are available are books of prophecy not history that's why those books are so inconsistent.  So there's only one Jesus Christ and that's me! Not some guy with a beard in Palestine two thousand years ago - I tick all the boxes basically. Well I know it sounds strange but the thing is it that I know that I'm Jesus and my main problem now is trying to tell people the way forward that the world is in a complete mess. You only have to look outside the window to realise that the world is going to hell in a hand cart and nobody out there is really equipped to try and change that. You know organisations we are looking at for inspiration are just not doing their jobs properly. Not that they're not good meaning people but they are good meaning idiots basically.  The banks control the manipulation of money supplies to governments and people are getting further and further into debt, and therefore it's effectively slavery.  People in the West don't suffer the brunt of it the people in the East do. I don't see anyone else who's actually trying to do something to end what is going on in the planet.  My teachings are very simple: I advocate you love God with your heart mind and soul and check things out for yourself and if everyone did that then the world would not be in the mess that it is in now! My ex-girlfriend has written about me and said that I've had a break-down but I haven't  I'm fine. I forgive her. That's all part of being Jesus.

LB: Going back to the MI5 years, what was an average day there like?
DS: Well it's difficult to say what an average day is like anywhere really.  Obviously people have ideas about MI5 but I mean largely I was sitting at a desk coordinating operations and so that meant I spent a lot of time tapping phones and making sure surveillance was all in place. Obviously like all jobs you've got information coming into your In-tray and so you process it and put it into your Out-tray.   The different between working at MI5 and other jobs is that if you process information wrongly then somebody's going to end up dead. So it's a very rewarding job in terms of stopping terrorists but I was left in no doubt towards the end of my career there that MI5 officers were not interested in stopping terrorism they were giving advantages to terrorists because a certain number of bombs have to go off to maintain the levels of fear in society and maintain MI5's budget basically. 

LB: So what percentage would you say was preventing crimes/terrorism and what percentage would you say was allowing it to happen?

DS: Hard to say really because on the ground people are trying 100% to stop it but the people in management let a few go through so it was just constantly trying to tie people up in red tape and trying to stop them using their initiative. However, when I was working on the IRA we had a number of successes because people banded together and worked within their initiative, always within the law but worked with their initiative to stop IRA terrorism and indeed defeated the IRA on the British mainland.

LB: Would you say that your experiences demonstrate that the British Establishment is trying to protect its own interest rather than that of the country. If so, what was the most extreme example of this?

DS: Yeah, we talk about the British Establishment but it's not really the British Establishment it's the Zionist establishment and Zionism is the word nobody's allowed to mention. Now let's be clear what is meant by the word Zionism.  It's a political idea that is based on Neo-Nazi values that seeks to claim all the rest of the wealth and make the rest of us a bunch of surfs basically. Now anybody who doesn't think that's gone on in the last thirty years has probably got their eyes shut because we've seen ever increasing divisions of wealth and poverty. They use what I call the Zionist media, which is a crying shame.  The media is a total misrepresentation and part of the process of control.  The war is a good example, 9/11 was an inside job- in fact there's no evidence for there even being any hijackers! The American government told us there were 19 but no evidence.  How did they know three days after 9/11 that these guys were responsible?  It was chaos in New York those three days. I know from investigating terrorism that you wouldn't know in that time unless you caught them red-handed. So clearly something weird was going on if they could identify this with certainty Similarly there's no evidence that planes were hijacked, in fact there's hard evidence that missiles were used that day.

LB: Why did you think that the planes were missiles with holograms on them?
DS: Although people think they saw planes on the telly, when you actually analyze that footage it's shown to be fake.  I say to anybody; slow it down n have a look at it you'll see that it is not consistent with a plane hitting a building.  There is other evidence - the whistling sound when a plane's hitting a building it's gonna be going thousands of miles an hour making a rumbling sound.  Whistling is consistent with a missile.  Similarly, in the pentagon footage it shows a corkscrew trail coming out of the rubble, again a plane trail wouldn't be like this but a missile trail would.  Incredible how they got away with it in the mainstream media and in parliament  there were no investigations into it. 

LB: You have claimed M15 implanted dodgy stories in media, do you think this is similar propaganda in other shapes and forms such as TV and film?
All sorts of things like that - it's going on all the time.  The most obvious example is not in this country it's in Hollywood but nevertheless M16 have played a role in this.  I saw this unfolding during my time in the service when M16 were briefing the media with info that Iran was responsible for Lockerbie. From working in the intelligence services I saw the world of shadows and mirrors. When Lockerbie happened I was able to say to everyone 'where's the evidence?' And of course there wasn't any. Same with 9/11.

LB: Do you regret your MI5 days?
DS: No not at all. You know I've had worse days than M15, I was in Belmarsh Prison in a cell and I don't think life could get worse than that. From all these experiences I've learnt a lot about myself and been shown the way. If it wasn't for suffering I wouldn't have become spiritual.  When I became spiritual I wrote a letter to Tony Blair and said 'thank you for all your persecution because without it I would never have seen the way. I would love to show you the way too Tony'. Seriously I'm not taking the piss I would love to show him the way because that man's got a lot to learn. But any way, I guess MI5 was a vital part of my own education. LB!

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