Conspiracy Theorists are saner than the masses

Say Whaaaat? Let's break it all the way down...

It’s official. According to new research those who contest official events are not only becoming the majority, but are also more sane than those who don’t.

The conspiracy theorist - one of the world’s most notorious black sheep - has had its fair share of ridicule. Frequently portrayed in the mass media as UFO-fixated weirdoes, these ‘dark-minded‘ individuals have not really had much of a look in - asides from their cult followings. However, it appears that in a post-Snowden world, it is becoming clearer and clearer that those who scratch beneath the surface are not quite as deluded as the world once thought.

A recent study conducted at the University of Kent (UK) entitled ‘What about building 7? A Social Psychological study of 9/11 conspiracy theories’ explores online debate between ‘conspiracist’ comments and ‘conventionalist’(those who believed official accounts) comments.

Following the analysis of 2471 comments it was concluded that more of these were conspiracist than conventional, so much so that the latter was outnumbered by nearly two to one. Furthermore, it was established that conventionalists were way more hostile and fanatical about their version of events than conspiracists. Whilst conspiracists seemed to accept their beliefs couldn’t explain everything about an event, most conventionalists aggressively asserted that their explanation was all there was to it. Perhaps the idea that you can no longer trust officials makes people extremely uncomfortable… Well, I guess you can’t blame ‘em… LB!

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