The Greater Powers that Bee

"It's a conspiracy!" says our crazy columnist. She's come up with some real good ones this time. Higher powers exterminating the honey bee in a pledge to exterminate humanity? Hmmm... Is she quite clearly on a mission to find the maddest scheme out there?  Has she got a serious bee in her bonnet? Or is she bravely going where no man dares to? Paranoia? Truth? Whatever you think, she's creating quite a buzz....


Illustration by Getliffe

Conspiracy of 2010 so far. The honeybee. Yes I said honeybee. This small insect could be the undoing of the whole of society, as we know it. It is no secret that the numbers of honeybees around the world have been declining drastically over the last five years. This is supposedly due to a new form of mite that lives on the bees, infecting them one by one, until they die. The honeybee pollinates the vast majority of crops and plants in the UK. Without this small insect the level of crop pollination would drop to less that 80% of what it is today. This is because the bee is so important to crop and plant pollination if it died out itr would devastate crop farming and a lot of indigenous species of plant would cease exist.  This is awful I hear you say but how can this small creature be responsible for the undoing of society. Well I shall explain. The conspiracy is not about whether there is an infecting mite because all evidence proves there is, the question is how did the miter suddenly develop? Of course we know that a new form of bacteria and small parasites are being discovered every day but is this one all natural? Or is it a humanly developed strand of mite that the powers that be have planted in order to gain more control of the population?

'But why would they do that?', I hear you ask. Well I shall explain. If they infect the honeybee we know that plant pollination would decline drastically. Governments the world over have been developing eco-friendly environments such as the Eden project for a number of years. These places can artificially sustain themselves and grow plants etc without completely relying on nature. No independent farms can compete with this. So imagine now that the honeybee is completely wiped out, independent farmers will have hardly any crops but the government run facilities will have a plenty full supply of crops and vegetation. When the farms cannot supply the public with the crops they need where do you think they will turn? Yes you got it, they will turn to the only place that has the resources and that place is owned and controlled by the governments. The public then becomes dependent on this resource. It even affects the average self-sufficient family. If modern farms can't compete then neither can the average person. This in turn means that the population becomes reliant on the government even more as now they  are the sole supplier of fresh fruit, vegetables and crops.  This then allows the powers that be to manipulate the population through their diet.

Now let's look back at the conspiracy about ID chips. If these two conspiracies became mixed together then we would be in a lot of trouble. The theory is that once the powers that be take control of the food supply they then can control the population with ease. We will be given red, blue or yellow cards. These cards will indicate if you are opposed to the actions the powers that be are taking or if you are compliant.  For example I would be given a red card for writing this, as I am considered a threat to their agenda. These cards will indicate how the authorities should treat people. If a martial law (military rule over the citizen) were ever to be put into place these cards would indicate who will survive and who will be exterminated. There is evidence of this plan being put into practice as we speak. In America, there are trains being formed to carry passengers to destinations that are unknown. The platforms for these trains are split in too three parts. A red zone, a blue zone andrna yellow zone.   These platform separations indicate where each person will go according to their record of obedience to the new world order. This may seem a far fetched plan but the evidence is staring us right in the face. So next time a bee gets trapped in your house think twice before you squash it as the smallest of creatures can affect our destiny.

Whilst we're on the subject of the flexing of authoritarian power (especially upon those who voice objection to the way greater powers operate) I may as well give you a piece of my mind on the La Bouche topic in question this issue... Police brutality is not a modern phenomenon. The Great Railroad strike of 1877, the Lawrence textile strikes of 1912, the Ludlow massacre of 1914 and the Hanapepe massacre of 1924 are all incidences of the police taking their role as protectors of society to absurd levels. The majority of incidence of past police brutality came about when the so called working class of the society felt that their rights were being ignored and that the higher realms were forcing them into an impoverished lifestyle. Their jobs were being desecrated to make room for industrial progress and cheap labor, so they joined together to protest this injustice. Since the Vietnam War we now see a different kind of protester. No longer are we fighting for job security but for world rights, and with this new kind of protester came a new kind of police brutality to control it. It is a simple chain of evolution that dictates this change of agenda. We have more technology allowing us to be a part of the wider world so we therefore change our priorities with this advancement.

     But what changed in us that made us become so involved in worldly issues? Was it that the world became such a secure place to be in that we no longer needed to protest for our personal rights? Or was it a far higher power that dictated this change?

We see that after the Vietnam War protesting became less and less popular. The population had protested and it had made a difference. We felt powerful. This was our mistake as we became complacent with the fact that protesting would change the way governments ruled. We rely on our government for almost everything in modern life. They control our behavior and now are even trying to control how much we drink, so do we really think that they could not control a few unruly protesters? Of course they can but the real question is do they want to?

We have seen time and time again that the protesting of modern events makes little difference. We are being ignored. When one feels ignored it is an automatic instinct to fight to be heard and this is just what they want us to do. The more we fight against them with violence the more they can justify their lack of listening. It gives them the perfect excuse to turn events to benefit their agenda.  Violence will always demean an event. The police will always justify their actions by saying they only reacted to what was given to them. When the average un-protesting Joe Bloggs hears of violence breaking out at a protest it is programmed within them to trust that the police acted in a rational manner. This is because we are taught to trust them. These are the people we go to when we need help, so why would we believe they could do something so heinous as to harm an innocent protester?

     The protesters' mistake is making the police the enemy.  Usually police are just doing a job, a job they feel helps society. The only successful world changing protest I can see happening in the future will be one that unites the protester and police in a common goal. It will not be protester versus the police but protester and police versus the government. It is the higher powers that dictate the relationship between these two groups. How better to control us all than by pitting us both against each other? This is the conspiracy. By making the police and protester enemies the higher powers can manipulate the public by concentrating on the reaction of what happens when these two groups meet instead of making the issue that is being protested front-page news. They are making a microcosm out of a mega compound. The protest becomes about getting one over on the police, as it is easier to fight an enemy one can see than it is to fight a system of ideals that has been subconsciously implanted with in us. The police are merely the henchmen for a far greater form of public control.

     In saying this I am by no means saying do not go out and protest. It is our right, no, our obligation to speak out when we feel an issue needs to be addressed. I am also not saying that the police as individuals should not take responsibility for their actions, but we know police only do what they are told to do and not what they think is right, as their job depends on being obedient. Do we believe that it was one lone police person that thought up the tactical maneuvering of the protesters in city on May Day, making them feel like cattle waiting for the slaughter? No of course it was not. It was a well thought out plan that had been discussed for many weeks by powers far higher than the average street police person. It was constructed so the protesters would react and the police would feel threatened and fight back. Once again we see how our government want to manipulate us all into picking one side or the other. What was accomplished in that protest? Nothing; it is now known for being a battle between the cops and the protester the political events of that day are barely even remembered. The more we react with violence be it the protester or the police the less control we have over the events that could change our world to make it a better place. Think freely; remember a person is a person with feelings and emotions no matter if they are part of an activist group or a government-run police force. The only way we can change our world is by first changing our own mentality.


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