It's a Conspiracy! Anthems of the Occult

Where would La Bouche be without our crazy conspiracy theorist to take our theme to intergalactic levels? This issue she takes us to planet 'The higher powers are brainwashing rappers with the occult.' Is she seriously lost in space or just bravely going where no man has gone before? Either way, she lets us know why some stars shine brighter than others and who the dark forces are behind them. Prepare for take off...


Readers are advised to watch 'The Industry Exposed' on reading this article

Music can influence your very soul. You don’t have to be a musician to know the effect a great tune can have on the body. Be it Beethoven or Beaststellabeast everyone has a favorite musician who can move them.  It can almost feel spiritual, and this is why the Illuminati use it to manipulate artists and the non-celebrity population. There are signs of Illuminati influence popping up all over the music industry and in particular the Hip Hop and Rock industry.

 The evil eye (a pyramid with an all seeing eye in the middle) can be seen in hundreds of Music videos, album covers, interviews, stage shows and photo shoots. This image is commonly known (within the conspiracy world) as an Illuminati symbol.  Many artists within the industry seem to be flaunting their association with the secret society through symbolism embedded within their lyrics and music videos.  Some are even so brazen as to actually hint at their involvement in interviews. When directly questioned about their connection with the Occult and the Illuminati, a certain high-powered rapper could not confirm or deny his involvement. He just laughed and breezed over the question.  Later (after persistent questioning) he finally talked about his religious beliefs saying ‘I don’t believe in religion. I think its one god. I think it’s all the same god and I don’t believe in hell.’ If you do not know anything about the Occult then you may think this is a perfectly innocent answer but it’s not. The Occult’s whole ethos is the belief in one god. It is not a duality belief system. It believes that god and the devil are one and the same. Not good and not evil but all connected. To me this is exactly what this artist says he believes in. Later in the interview he also says that he does believe that secret societies exist and that they control the world, but that he is not a part of one. Yet of course the first rule of being in a secret society is never to let anyone know that you are in one.

Aleister Crowley (perhaps the most famous open Occultist) abided to this theory of god and the devil being one, leading to the accusation of being a Satanist by Christians and other religious groups. His Motto ‘Do as thou will’ is often mistakenly conveyed as 'Do whatever you want' and it does mean this to some extent. However, in the respected occult world these words mean ‘do not let society dictate the way you live. Look to universal nature for guidance’. Yet Crowley and others took this as abiding to the dark side of human nature by killing people and having sex with an animal or small child; instead of looking to the beautiful side of humanity where hurting or manipulating others for personal gain would not be your will. Unfortunately it seems that the Illuminati want this artist to believe and follow Crowley’s take on occultism. We again can see his connection as the rap superstar is photographed wearing a jumper with the words ‘Do as thou will’ written across it, made by his very own clothing company.

 The evil eye symbol along with the goat’s head has long been associated with Occult practices. Many conspirators believe that the Illuminati are Occult practitioners. I am not in the same camp. My belief is that the Illuminati use the Occult as a front to hide their true agenda. As an atheist who does not believe in religious duality I find it hard to believe that the World’s highest power - the Illuminati- is run by devil worshipers. If you believe this, like many do, you have to believe in God and the devil. I don’t, but I do believe in the Illuminati.


My belief is that the Illuminati use the Occult to brainwash artists in the industry into believing that they are possessed and controlled by a higher force, a force that gives them their creative powers, their wealth and their celebrity. This takes their true talent away from them and makes them think it is due to being affiliated with a super natural force. Celebrities in this day of age are hugely powerful in our society. They make enormous amounts of money and have the power to influence millions of people. Do you really think that the Illuminati would let just anyone have this kind of power? Of course not!

Then how better to get them to abide by their rules than by making them believe that they can get everything they want by doing an Occult ceremony. The Illuminati do after all have the power, the media and PR allegiances to turn an ordinary star into a mega-star, an icon.  Once, the artist has pledged allegiance to the illuminati and the occult they then have the power to give and take what they need and want from the artist. The artists think they are becoming part of a higher form of society both spiritually and physically when actually they are just being duped into being slaves for the greater powers that be, just like the rest of us. The Illuminati then have the power to censor what music these artists create. If the artist does not comply then they can ruin them as quickly as they made them. The artist will think that the super natural force has turned against them and will be driven slightly crazy by this thought; when actually it is just the humans that run the Illuminati who are destroying them.  Prime examples of artists that have been used by the Illuminati are Michael Jackson and the rapper DMX. Both Jackson and DMX never directly spoke out about the Illuminati. (Although some say Jackson’s  lyrics ‘All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us’ hint at his disillusionment with the Illuminati agenda) Yet they did talk about the corruption of the music industry. Jackson openly disputed Sony’s ethics  which was buried by the media and DMX refused to write or rap what his record label told him to. Well we all know what happened to Michael Jackson, yet DMX’s down fall was much less publicly reported. He was convicted on drug and public order charges (that he still disputes are true) and was sentenced to jail time. He lost his house and nearly all his money. He has now become a born again Christian and preaches on the evils of modern society.  

The Rain Man

Eminem also is an example of the Illuminati’s clutch on the artists in the industry. He has openly said in concerts that when he comes back, he wants to come back as the ‘rain man’.  The rain man is another word for the devil in some occult circles. A being that rains down everything material you could wish for upon you. Yet the rain-mans’ gifts come at a price. The Illuminati make these artists believe in this being, telling them it is all part of god’s plan. They must also make a sacrifice to show that they are serious about this bargain. They then manipulate circumstances so it looks to the artist like a sacrifice on their behalf has been made.  The Illuminati (being the most powerful and influential people on the planet) then give the artist popularity, money and power in return. So it looks like the higher power has granted their wish.  It is strange how many top artists have been victims of unusual and tragic circumstances, like Kanye West losing his mother to a plastic surgery operation gone wrong or Jennifer Hudson’s entire family being shot to name a few.

Eminem lost an uncle, had a nervous breakdown and developed an addiction to prescription drugs. Just before this he wrote a song on his album Relapse about his fight with a beast/monster inside him that tells him he has no talent. The beast tells him that it was he who made him and who can bring him down again. The song is all about his struggle with this beast and his own reason, at the end of the song the beast wins. He then went into hiding and released no music for over a year. He has only recently released a new album called Recovery and is on his way back up to the top and making a song with Rhianna (who famously danced about in the rain in her video for her debut smash hit ‘Umbrella’) about how he is taking responsibility for a relationship that went sour.  Many believe that he was reprimanded for speaking out and then taught a small lesson by the Illuminati and now he has re joined their agenda in fear for his career or even his life.

Is it not strange to you that every artist who has tried to speak out against the Illuminati by writing music that promotes unity and a respect of higher consciousness and exposes political and ethical greed meets their end far too quickly? We just have to look at John Lennon, Bob Marley, Tupac and Biggi Smalls to see examples of artists who have lost their lives just when they were powerful enough to speak out.  Hip-hop, I am afraid to say, is a huge part of Illuminati agenda.  I don’t want to sound like my grandparents did about Rock and roll (‘it is all devil worship music’) but hip hop is starting to change the world we live in and not for the better. It is spreading the Illuminati's message of materialism, selfishness and greed perfectly for them. It is promoting hatred and sexism.  It is telling us that we are not successful or interesting if we are not rich and aesthetically beautiful. It is telling a generation exactly what the Illuminati want them to hear.

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You don't think the Illuminati are Devil worshipers?? Take a look at the fancy neck gear of Baroness Rothchild. Watch some footage of Bohemian Grove. They seriously believe in this shit, it doesn't matter if anyone with sanity knows it's bullcrap.