Conspiracy origin; late Middle English- from Anglo-Norman French. Conspiracie alteration of old French Conspiracie, based on Latin conspirare 'agreed plot'.
- A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

So my fellow questioners of all that is in the world; this time we are going from flat earth to flat on your back, as this issue is all about sex. Unfortunately this article will not be focusing on the joys of this primal emotion but on its dark and disgusting side.



Firstly I need to express that I support everything goes in the bedroom (or dungeon depending on your preference) but only when it is between consenting adults and no creatures are hurt.

Sex is everywhere and has never been so accessible and exposed to the public. You just have to turn on your telly to see society's mass sexualisation. It sells, it shocks and it stimulates but what is this over exposure doing to us on a deeper psychological level? What is the cost of this so called sexual freedom? Why do we not see love promoted as much as we do the act of it? I could launch in to a rant about the patriarchal society fixing the male gaze into our consciousness but that is no conspiracy. So let me tell you the low down on our sex obsessed culture.

There is one sexual deviance that I just can not understand. It brings out such anger in me that I actually find it hard to write this article. Paedophilia. Even the word itself sends shivers up my spine. It is the most destructive diabolical and disturbing condition to ever plague the earth. So why then is this horrific practice so prominent within this word?

From east to west, north to south, children, the most innocent-vulnerable and important beings in this life are being exploited and tortured for the sick sexual satisfaction of people who knowingly destroy purity for the sake of a second of self indulgent ejaculation or climax. Their one moment of selfishness has destroyed and effected more lives than war and famine put together.

So why then is this hellish perversion tolerated in our society ? The answer is because the aforementioned powers that be want us to be corrupted from within, starting from our childhood. The pattern of abuse starts and never stops. The abused becomes the abuser in a terrifying cycle.

So how is this a conspiracy I hear you say; well let me pose a thought for you to ponder on.
Why is our society protecting these monsters  that destroy young lives? For example as recently as one month ago a man was sentenced to 10 years hard time for growing weed plants. On the same day, in the same court, another man was sentenced to a 12 month suspended sentence for raping an 8 year old child. If we take this at face value our system seems to think that a man who grows plants with no violent history is more dangerous than a person that has( single handedly) lay ruin to a child's,and her whole family's life. Why is this logical? If  you don't mind I will let you in on the conspiracy.

It is because there are so many people in high places that have paedophilic  tendencies. They sympathise with the abusers because they are cut from the same cloth. Even if these high powered individuals don't participate in this horrendous practice, they are aware and complicit regarding those around them. This is where the Masons/illuminati come in (as they usually do) It is the fault of all the influential secret societies that are in action. The poisoning of our humanity all harks back to these hidden assemblies of the rich and powerful. They positively encourage their members to participate in these disgraceful tendencies because then they have control of them (and we all know how the illuminati love that control) They have the power to manipulate these individuals, to play the puppet masters until the  puppets are no longer valuable or needed. They even go as far as to create situations and environments that allow these abusers access to what ever perversion they want. To these so called elites; power and control is more important than basic morality.   

The child sex trade is at an all time high. A recorded 800,000 children go missing each year in the USA alone. Where the fuck do they go? It is now trickling down in to the mainstream conscious. Women are made to feel they should always look like little girls and little girls to look like grown ups. Curves replaced with flat chests and hip bones. Pubic hair is widely considered dirty and not sexy. So women's vaginas are shaved to look like children's parts and this is considered normal. The statistics on what people view on porn sights is also an indication of this poisoning. In 1999 the main porn search key words were sexy MILF, skip forward to today and it is teenage sex, the closest thing you can legally get to underage people.

The powers not only want to corrupt and control their inner members but now they want to infect the whole of society with their dirty manipulation of human sexuality. The sexualisation of our children is being done right in front of us and we are to blinded by faith in a failing corrupt agenda to notice. They are trying to make people who have these sick urges seem normal. Sex has always been used as a weapon for control and now it is easier than ever with the Internet and globalisation .

The mind is a highly powerful but easily manipulated organ. The more one's brain starts to allow the ideas of the mainstream to penetrate it's consciousness the more they can trap you with thoughts that are not necessarily your own.

I am not saying that the sickness that is paeophilia was created by these powers, human nature has always had a very dark side, what I am proposing is that instead of formulating a way to abolish this barbaric sexual practice from human consciousness they are using it to their advantage. They are promoting a practice that is so diabolical  that a normal and healthy mind can not even start to fathom the concept of this evil. Does this take the blame away from the abusers? No, as we are all in control of our own actions at the end of the day no matter what subliminal information you may be receiving. But these powers are praying on the deviant. The people slow of morals and mind. They are promoting an agenda that is designed to kill off the essence of all that is innately good in humans. It takes a strong minded individual to stop the cycle of abuse.  

So this is why we have so many people in high places being outed as pedophiles. They have become more useful as scapegoats than active lower members of the self appointed elite. They are being outed not because of moral consciousness but to serve as a message to the others to show that at anytime they have the power to realise information that will terminate careers and lives. It is a message and a warning being sent out to all involved in the secrets of this society. This is why secret societies that are active with in our government are so dangerous. They create situations where if one person falls the rest can not come out and speak against them because of the loyal promise they pledged to the secret agenda, so even the innocent involved can not speak out in fear of being tarred with the same brush as the perverts they are peers with.

This sadly is perhaps the most true  conspiracy out there. The elite are plotting to harm us on a level so deeply physiological its very nature is terrifying. Protect your children and watch your minds, fight for the innocents in this world because our moral and spiritual future depends on them.

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