Charli XCX: Secret Party Girl is one to watch!

She's Outta This World!

Illustration by Sally Leach

CharlirnXCX is a 16 year old girl from Hertfordshire and so (not meaning to come across ageist or placeist) but it's always bizarre to see such an original never-seen-anything-quite- like-it performance from this spring country chicken!

The case of Little Miss XCX really goes to show that it's something you're born with... Indeed she's been making her own electro-pop-rave songs since she was 12!

Her somgs are fun and fizzy but it's her live show that is incredible - a bit like watching a teenage Madonna at a warehouse party on Mars. (See below vid!).

The electro pop mutant can be found jumping around at East London secret parties and club nights in an array or wigs and funky tights. She's recently signed to Grand Union management, who also represent the likes of Reverand and the Makers and Enemy. Massively watch this space!!


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