LB talks to Bo Ningen!

Watching this Japanese new wave quartet rock is like watching The Ring on acid. We have always been intrigued by Bo Ningen, hearing their name through the art world as much as through the music scene. We caught up with guitarist Kohhei just before their appearance at Yoko Ono’s Meltdown gig…

LB: We last saw you blowing the windows out of the Arts Council party a couple of years back at the Venice Biennale. What have you been up to since?

Kohhei: Been touring, performing etc. And we made an album, a great album ,and making even more new stuff.

 LB: We see you're collaborating with Tim Noble and Sue Webster at the Yoko Ono Meltdown festival and we often hear of you through the art world. What's your relationship with visual art? 

Kohhei: Visual art and music used to represent the same thing a long long time ago.

They were the elements/essences of ritual. The birth of "artist" and "musician" separated these two from each other and from the core of rituality. Since then they have developed separately. We're seeking for new relationship between visual art and music.

LB: Yoko Ono describes you as 'cutting edge' n we totally agree. Unfortunately, lately we have seen a lot of really interesting artists lose their edge once they go more mainstream. What do you think about this?

Kohhei: They, not all of them but a few/some, are probably just hiding the edge? Sometimes swords are much more dangerous when they are in scabbards (Japanese saying).

LB: What's been you're craziest, most memorable gig? Where, when n why?

Kohhei: Probably the first time we played at Offset Festival. That was our first festival and the crowd were amazing and we, especially Mon-Chan the drummer got so high.

LB: If you could collaborate with anyone visually, musically or in any other capacity who would it be?

Kohhei: A cutting edge architect or sculptor who works in large scale to build something in between sculpture/live stage/machine in/on which we can perform.

LB: If your music had a magical power and when you played it, anything could happen. What would that thing be?

Kohhei: It already has a magical power, but well, if anything could happen.. I've always wanted one thing, or there is always only one thing I want, but I won't tell this to anyone. LB!

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