Bikesmut Pornstar chitchat!

Poppy Cox is a pornstar and the European director of Bike Smut which has
toured Europe, the US and Canada. She’s been all around the UK, to London,
Brighton, Bristol and more, and is currently based in Berlin.

Her original name was inspired by a character in Le Roi de Couer, a
‘silly’ and ‘lighthearted’ film she has loved for many years. Her
performing name was initially ‘Coquelicot;, but when she began working as
a stripper she realised nobody knew what this meant, so she abandoned it
in favour of her current English name.

She tells La Bouche that the move into porn was a very natural progression
and never felt forced. She'd always identified with third-wave feminism,
her college dissertation was on photography by women of women taking their
clothes off, so working at the Lusty Lady peep show, a worker-owned
cooperative in San Francisco, seemed a natural next step.

When I mention the 'L' word, Poppy clarifies that she has done some work
fucking girls on camera but she’s definitely more into dudes. The straight
world is really in dire need of good porn, she adds: ‘Many body types and
types of sexual desire are excluded. 98% of porn represents only about 3%
of desire’. That leaves a lot of space for things like Bike Smut!

Poppy was lucky to have a good sex education, being from the more liberal
Seattle, but worries about mainstream pornography being used in education,
since this marginalises large numbers of people. ‘Sexuality is a long
process, with many different possibilities’.

Is porn inherently exploitative? Poppy does not subscribe to that form of
feminism. Women are not inherently victims and some women consent to being
in a submissive role: ‘As long as everyone is consenting to it, it's
cool...almost anything can happen.’

I move on to ask about her identification as 'bike'-sexual. Poppy
discovered during her journey of self realisation that she found people
with bikes more attractive...and people without bikes less attractive.
When she began cycling it started to make a lot of sense. Besides, cycling
home together is a great way to start a hookup - it's so much more
convenient than one person taking the bus whilst the other cycles.
Cyclists, she adds, are more independent and independent-minded. A bike is
a sign that you are smart and not interested in following the crowd, an
attractive trait. Cyclists are more likely to share certain ideals. And
cycling is of course great for your health, society and the environment.

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