The Banks Are Buying Our Brains - One Neuron At A Time.

One day we’re gonna wake up and there will be a very strange sensation in the air. An odd feeling that your opinions, your outlook, what drives your actions and passions, are not quite yours. A niggling feeling that the memory of feeling inspired, of having a eureka moment or some kind of epiphany, of having your eyes opened to something, or your opinion changed, are nothing but a fading memory.

The cleptocracy in their relentless quest to be able to farm, quantify, exploit and profiteer on every possible molecule of the earth, are branching out - or rather drilling down - and are buying up our very brain cells, one by one.

They are colonising creativity. The last bastion of freedom of expression, helped on by the great art con of the last couple of decades, has become subject to the same filters as our information, our news, our governments, our music, our film and just about everything we eat, drink or do. Slowly but surely, every major art event or prize has a major sponsor: and you would be hard pressed to find one that is not a pharmaceutical, oil or financial service conglomerate.

It would be churlish to dismiss this outlook as a loony left rant: everyone, on all sides of the political spectrum, should be worried about this. Because there’s a principal at stake which is pretty central to our survival as a human race. In a world in which we cannot think sideways, freely, safe from the fear of being ridiculed, impoverished, imprisoned or cajoled into toeing the line, there will be no creative development. No good ideas. Every piece of art’s no.1 ambition will be to look as much as possible like the last piece of art. It’s already happening. Nanight.

by Alex Cepalovic

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