Anti-cool club 'Club Cool 's' first birthday party


Crazy, energised performances from up n coming bands, strippers, art n psychadelia - what more do you want on a Saturday night?

Photos by Alan Davies




Club Cool, is the ultimate 'anti-cool' night and has been proving for a whole year that raw, exciting live music and vibes can still be delivered in the marshland of trendidom that has become Hackney. The club night celebrated its first birthday the other weekend, 14th March, by throwing a big secret rave in East End location 'The Resistance gallery'.  Kindle n party organisers and underground electro sensation The Coolness played whilst VJs cast rainbows and Dead Kids got on the decks.

We asked Party Organiser and The Coolness front man Chaz John Ross why they think  they are so damm uncool, "We are uncool for being cool, cool is a state of mind", he told us "We are the most ridiculous promoters in east london, we only put on own our own party cos no one else will have us"

Just check out the entertainment..  Very uncool..



The Coolness!





If you're fed up with Shoreditch silliness and are looking for something a bit more raw and way more fun then you should get down to the next anti cool club night

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